You can’t plan forever, but you MUST have a plan

Let me start by saying, there is an incredible book that I recommend everyone read.

Champions study under coaches and like I mentioned in my last email, books are one of the most cost effective ways to get a coach.

If you’ve never read the 21 Irrefutable laws by John C Maxwell, I suggest checking it out.  It’s amazing.

One of the laws that I’m especially fond of is the “Law of the Navigator” – John says “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a Leader to chart the course.”

He then goes on to tell the story of two men.

Roald Amundsen and Robert F. Scott.  Both were attempting to become part of the first expedition to reach the South Pole.

Roalds party succeeded in reaching the Pole first, and his entire party of 5 men returned.

Scott’s party arrived second, and all perished before they could return home.

What was the difference?


From transportation, to clothing, to the ability of his men to ski – Road Amundsen was better prepared all around.

That preparation (and the foresight to make it properly) not only helped him accomplish his goals, but to protect the lives of his party.

In business, luckily, it’s rarely life or death…. but it can be the difference between wealth and poverty.

The difference between happy, healthy and thriving or mad, wasting and burned out.

The reality is… having a plan doesn’t guarantee you’ll succeed.

But it increases your odds.

In the same way, having a great plan increases your odds more than just “any plan.”

Whether your goal is to launch or scale your business… you have to ask yourself… do I have a plan?  Is it going to be enough.

Be like Roald Amundsen.  Have a GREAT plan.  And prepare to execute.

It can make all the difference.

Steven “I’ve got a plan” Jordan


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