Why The Trades


Job Security- People have been living in homes since before written history. Literally thousands of years. Unless something crazy happens, people will likely to continue to live in homes. That means Longevity


Less competition… since the 1980’s the United States has been pushing its best and brightest towards college, and away from the trades. This has lead to a
massive labor shortage… which means that there are far fewer contractors than people that need the work done.


New Age Advantage- the fact fewer and fewer people have been getting into the trades means that the average age of a contractor is in their late 40’s or 50’s, and a large number of them are retiring every day…. but more importantly, most of them and their customers didn’t grow up with computers.

They’re not as technology “savvy” which means those contractors who are able to effectively use technology have a distinct advantage.


Why Cabinet Refinishing?

What is Cabinet Refinishing? Simply put, Cabinet Refinishing is an advanced form of painting cabinets that creates a smooth, ceramic like factory finish. Our process is trainable, predictable, and scalable.

The Home Owners Advantage

Kitchens are often considered the center piece of a home, and are therefore more likely to undergo professional renovations. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how expensive new cabinetry is… and so when they get their frirst quote (often ranging between $15,000 – $25,000) it catches them off gaurd


 Home owner’s get a finish that looks brand new.

Our process alllows home owners to get the look they want. Most home owners are more  interesting in changing the color or door style than the actual layout of their kitchen.


Home owners save big $. Whereas replacing cabinets can cost anywhere from $15,000 – $25,000… the refinishing process is significantly less labor and materials.

Our average price for a Cabinet Refinishing job is
between 3500 – 5500$. They save money while we make money.



New Age Advantage- the fact fewer and fewer people have been getting into the trades means that the average age of a contractor is in their late 40’s or 50’s, and a large number of them are retiring every day…. but more importantly, most of them and their customers didn’t grow up with computers.

They’re not as technology “savvy” which means those contractors who are able to effectively use technology have a distinct advantage.



How the Revenue Works

Not only is Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing in high demand, but when done right… it’s higly profitable.

This is due to the fact that our business is based on a skill, and not on the cost of raw materials. Labor is a serious consideration, however… in the beginning its usually the owner. And the average job will requre between 35-45 hours of labor.

Now, we belive in being conservative when estimating numbers for a business. If you can model the business using low numbers and it’s still attractive… that makes it a great candidate. It’s better to plan for worst case scenario over best case scenario.
If you look at the chart above, you’ll see we like our students to assume an average price of between 3500-4500$ per job. We have many students and partners who’s average is well above $5500… however, this model is leaves more room for flexibility in planning.

Client Acquisiton – Using our lead sources, sales training and customer management systems… our students and partners see an average client acquisition cost of between $200-300. However, when you’re first starting you may not have some of the same resources (5 star reviews, well developed social media, etc) and so we assume it will be higher. WE round up to 400.

Next, we look at our material costs. We use high end industrial paints that will vary in cost based on your market and order size. However, the most expensive we’ve seen people pay is around 90$. The typical kitchen will use somewhere between 2-3 gallons of paint, which is a total paint cost of $270. $50-$100 for primer, Add in plastic, paper, painters tape, and cleaning materials for an extra $100 (thats a lot of tape and plastic) and then an extra 30$ for miscelanous expenses…. that’s a combined material cost of $400.

Lastly, lets add in 15% for overhead (which is a ridiculously high number in the beginning) and 5% for miscellaneous materails (even though we’ve already done that) just to be EXTRA EXTRA CONSERVATIVE.

That puts you at a profit of at the very least, $2100 per job. On a 4500$ job, you’ll earn closer to $2900. However, where this gets really interesting is whne you look at it monthly.

If you assume each job takes 45 hours of labor, you as the owner should be able to commit to doing 1 job per week. The average month has 4 weeks… which looks like this.

And this is why this business model is so amazing. If you take the low end, of 3500$ per job. And you assume $2800 a month in Overhead and
miscellaneous expenses (WHICH IS CRAZY AS A ONE MAN SHOW) you still make $8,400 monthly

That’s $100,800 in profit at the end of the year.

Not bad for a startup.


Our Model

Our Business Model is based on taking advantage on some of the shortcomings of the trades.

We take a highly profitable niche, and combine that with a highly funcitonal business model to quickly grow 6 and 7 figure businesses. 

We break this focus into four key areas, and the implementaiton of this model has lead to over $10,000,000 in sales for us and our students.

Our CADS system is designed to make sure that each of the core areas of your business are properly set up managed. Client Acquistion, Delivery, Scalable Systems Client Acquisiton is the key to your business. 

Without customers, a business cannot succeed.

Client Acquisition is a combination of Marketing (lead generation) and Sales (conversions).

We provide the marketing systems and guidance to insure that you have a consistent flow of leads.

We provide the best procedures and scripts for contacting and following up with your leads to maximize your appointments. We provide a professional sales training combined with your lead generation to maximize your revenue. This includes word for word scripts, as well as advanced training in ETHICAL sales and persuasion to help you drive your business forward.

Delivery is equally important to client acquisition.

In order to thrive in business, you need to perform 5 star quality work.

However, there is another component often overlooked… and that’s the efficiency of the work you deliver. Completing a job in 4 days instead of 5 is a 20% increase in production.

Our training process focuses on the most efficient process, combined with state of the art materials to provide an amazingly quick turnaround for clients, without sacrificing on the quality of work.

This process is ever changing as new improvements become available, and we continue to optimize this for our students and partners.

Scalable Systems are the cornerstone of creating a business in place of a job.

Many small business owners find themselves perpetually stretched thin… because they’re trying to manually manage every part of the business.

Our system provides clear instructions, systems and guidelines for creating a business that is both efficient and scalable.

We provide training and systems on everything from: Customer Management & CRMs, Project Management Tools, Financial Management, Hiring Systems & Guides and so much more.

Literally every piece of this business is laid out in a simple, step by step process. The focus on the foundational parts of our business from the very beginning, allow our students to have incredible results in record breaking times.



20 Weeks to 6 Figures...

Our program is focused around creating a 6 figure run rate in just 20 weeks. That means a business that’s capable of producing $8500 in profit every month in less than 20 weeks. More importantly, the vast majority of our students are able to continue working at their current jobs for the first 8 of those 20 weeks. We break this system down into 3 distinct phases.

Phase 1 - Learning
Duration - 6-8 weeks

Learning a new skill always comes with challenges… but business is special. For many, the stakes are higher than just picking up a skill.

it’s a lot like drivers ducation, where you’re studying the manual before your drivers test.


Imagine if in order to drive a car, you had to first build a car to drive. If that were true, most people would never drive a vehicle.

When you star ta business, you’re responsible not only for driving the business… but also for building all the systems. And if you’re not sure what to build, it can create challenges that prevent your business from ever truly succeeding.

Our model solves this problem by handling that portion for you. For the first 6-8 weeks, you learning everything you need to drive the business… And while you’re doing that, we build the systems for you. We build your website, help you build your social media, your branding and logo, CRM, project management…

That way, once you’re ready to start the business, all of your systems are ready to go.

Phase 2: Live Training
Duration: 1 Week

We can all agree that studying the drivers manual isn’t the same as driving a car. And the first time you drive the car, you’re going to want someone there with you.

This is especially true in your business. You don’t want your first time completing this work to be in a cusomers home… which is why we created this phase.

Phase 2 is all about learning first hand from professionals exactly whats required to succeed. You’ll come down to our training facility where we’ll give you first hand training on every part of the business. We teach you about the busines systems and make sure everything was set up properly.

We teach you painting. We have you paint an entire kitchen yourself, with one of our professional trainers working with you to teach you the proper technique. We’ll cover mistakes, how to avoid them, how to fix them, and make sure you can deliver 5 star quality work every single time.

We’ll teach you sales. Not only will we further your sales training, but we’ll actuallly bring you along to sales appointments so you can see our top sales rep close deals right at the customers kitchen table. You’ll see first hand how we collect checks every single day for jobs that range from anywhere from $4500-$7500.

And, while you’re in Florida… since we’ve already built all of your business systems, well get started in driving revenue for your business. We’ll have you turn on your lead generation and start setting appointments for the following week when you get back.

Our average student closes their first deal within 7-14 days of returning home from Florida. This sets you up for a big phase 3.




Ready to Start Your Successful Business?