Hate the Player, Not the Game?

Growing up people used to say something similar…

Usually it would come out as “don’t hate the player, hate the game”

Interestingly enough, I’ve always thought that was bad advice.

Like I talked about on Monday… the rules of the game are usually the easiest part to learn.  And more than that, you choose whether to play or not.

You should definitely hate the player.

However, if you’re going to be upset with someone (barring people actually cheating), the player you should be upset with is yourself.

And here is why.

I know for a fact that if I underperform in a game, its because I was under prepared ahead of time.

Whether thats not working hard enough at practice, not listening to the coach, or not reviewing tapes… whatever the culprit.  It was my fault.

I’m the only player deserving of my hate.

And this brings me to the third part of having a competitive edge.

Quick Recap:
1. The first was knowing the rules and choosing the competition.
2. Choosing the right tools, or in the case of business, building the right vehicle.  Remember, nobody wins a nascar race in this bad boy.

3. The player/driver – maximizing your abilities and capabilities.

And here is the crazy thing about this.  Even though people are most likely to bet on a player… few people take the time and energy to invest in themselves.

Think about it.

If you’re truly committed to being the absolute best at your business, you’d dedicate time to improving yourself and your knowledge.

The same a way an athlete would.

You need to have a champions mindset, and a champions habits.

A champion is constantly reviewing their performance, their mistakes and their wins… to implement effective changes.

Every champion has a coach.


Think about any professional athlete – every one of them has a coach.

Now the truth is, not every single athlete is in a position to have a top tier coach.

However in business, we have a huge advantage.  It’s hard to get better at football by reading about it.

Football webinars, seminars and books just wouldn’t have the same effect…

Luckily, in business, we have access to books, youtube, webinars, seminars… the resources are out there.

The question we have constantly ask ourselves is this.

Am I doing everything a champion would do?

If not… hating the game is a waste of time.

The player is the problem.

So, are you here to win?

If so, are you doing the things a champion does?

Happy Friday Champ,

Steven “Hate the Player Jordan

P.S. – Books are amazing.  If you want some recommendations, shoot us an email (support@cabinetstartup.com) and I’ll send you some of my favorite.  If you want to skip that and go straight to a coach – book a call with Wilson, and he’ll see how we can help.  If not, he’ll still end up giving you some great insights in your business or your journey to start.


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