You can FAIL at what you DON’T WANT

I love the responses I get from these emails.

It always starts incredibly interesting conversations, and I wanted to share something that was sent me in response to the “one-armed wrestler.”

It was a Jim Carey commencement speech and it is incredible.  It’s also short.

Give it a listen here. (its only 10 minutes)

I learned a lot.



I really like this because so many people spend their time unhappy because they’re chasing security…

Only to find out that the security isn’t real.

And it isn’t the security that’s keep them there, it’s the fear of failure.

Someone once told me that fear isn’t actually a word, it’s an ACRONYM.


So, if you’re unhappy with your current situation…

Crappy boss
Long Hours

Whatever the case may be…

What FEAR is holding you back?

Think about it.

Steven Jordan

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