Commitment = Success

For many of people, this wouldn’t have ever happened…

Andrew Cabinet Startup Training

And yes, I know the video is crooked.

My editors will be able to fix it, but I think it’s really cool.  Click on the video to watch the whole thing.

So here is the deal – we scheduled training, and it was late notice.  We had a lot of people who tried to make it work.

People who were more than happy to commit to October, and November… but august was just too soon.

However, one person decided to take us up on it… which left me in a tough spot.

Should I cancel the training?  Reschedule for when we can fill up the whole class room?



Because I committed to the training and I stick to my commitments.

It means that Andrew got way more 1 on 1 time.  He got to ask more questions,  We got to hang out, learn about each other and build a connection.

The three of us (Me, Andrew and Wilson) had a blast.

Cancelling would have been the easy thing to do.

However, the ability to consistently show up and stick to your commitments will serve you no matter what stage you’re at.

And I’m SO GRATEFUL that we did.

We got so much amazing footage, and an amazing testimonial.  I’ll release the whole thing once my editors are done…

but I really was proud of this.

Steven “If I say it, I do it” Jordan

P.S.  If you want an amazing experience like this, make sure to click here and dlearn more about our next training in October. 


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