One Armed Wrestler

I heard this story over the weekend and it really stuck out to me.

Let me know if it resonates for you too….

“There was a boy born with only one arm.  He was active, loved sports, and did his best despite being unable to compete against many of other kids.

He always his best, but was constantly at a disadvantage.

He enjoyed physical sports but was unable to play football or basketball, so he decided to try his hand at wrestling.

Many of the other wrestlers laughed, but when he came to practice… the coach studied him quietly, before teaching him a single move.

Every day at practice he would only be allowed to work on that same move. They drilled the move over and over again for three months. His coach then turned to him and said, “I think you’re ready to enter a tournament.”

The boy was very excited, however, a little hesitant.  He only had 1 arm, and he only had 1 move.  He thought the coach was crazy… but the coach told the boy to trust him.

He’d be fine.

So, he entered the tournament. He won his first match, then his second. He went on to win his third and made it all the way to the finals of the competition.

The opponent he was set to face was far more experienced than he was. He had won all his matches and injured a majority of the competitors he went up against.

The referee approached the one-armed boy’s coach and asked if he was sure he wanted to enter his athlete into this match, being that he was already at a disadvantage with one arm in addition to the opponent being extremely talented.

The coach simply replied, “yes.”

Again, the boy was more reluctant, not understanding why his coach had only taught him one move. The coach talked to the boy and told him he would be fine if he just went out there and executed the move they’d been working on.

The boy did. And he won the tournament.

On the car ride home, the boy turned to the coach and yelled, “Coach, why would you put me out there unprepared only having learned one move? I could have gotten seriously injured”

The coach looked at him and said, “The only way to stop that move is to grab your right arm.”

I love this story…

Many people, like the boy, are focused on their weaknesses and not their strengths.

They believe they need all these different things in order to win.  That’s not true.

Sometimes it’s as simple as having one thing that’s incredibly mastered and placed in the right context.

Being incredibly good at one thing, not many, is what lead me to creating my first 7 figure cabinet shop.

We got to teach that one thing (high quality refinishing) at our training certification this last week and were incredibly happy with the event!

That one skill is going to change even more lives now, and I’m super grateful for that.

If you’re looking for the one skill you can master, just like the boy did, consider joining us for our next training in October.

Steven  Jordan

I’m a sucker for motivational stories.  If you’ve got some great ones, reply here and share them with me!  If you’d like to see some motivational stories… check this out!

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