Want a Competitive Edge?

A lot of people think of business as a sport or competition.  And they’re right.

In fact, business is a competition in the purest sense.

Which is really important to me, because I’m highly competitive and I really like to win.

So, how do you make sure you win every time in business? (well, not every time.  Anyone that tells you that is full of @#$@)

So… how do you make sure you win as much and as often as humanly possible?

You learn how to play the game, and you maximize your odds based on the conditions.

Typically if your competing there are three things to consider…
1. The Rules
2. The player
3. The tools

The rules, are pretty self explanatory.  You have to know what gets you kicked out of the game if you ever want to win.

In business, I think of this as the regulatory and protective measures we take.  Insurance, licensing, taxes.  Stuff that, while it isn’t super exciting, is incredibly crucial to your success.

It’s also not the thing that’s going to make you the best.  It’s a required minimum.

In business, there are a ton of people that haven’t even taken the time to learn the rules.  These people typically don’t last long, or they find themselves always fighting an uphill battle.

If you’re looking to achieve a high level of success, the next two are the most important in my opinion if you’re

The player, and the tools.

What’s so interesting about these two is the relative importance of the tools vs player changes based on the levels.

First its the right kind of tool –> right player –> best tools –> best player.

How does this work?

Well, let’s say Roger Federer is going to play a Tennis match… but instead of getting a racket, you gave him a fly Swatter.

He probably won’t win.

So the first step is having the right kind of tools.

This can be done a number of ways, but one of the easiest it to look at those people who are already succeeding and figure out what tools they’re using.

Remember, there is no reward for reinventing the wheel.

Once you’ve got the right kind of tools, the next most important thing is the player.

We’ll talk about that in detail in my next post…

See you then.



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