Too Many Competitors

I always love helping people solve problems, and more often than not… the solution to those problem is not what people expect.

We talk to a lot of business owners trying to scale their businesses, and what one of the complaints we here regularly from contractors is the “competition.”

I have to try not to react.

It’s legitimately crazy.

We work in an industry where there is a MASSIVE shortage.  And people complain about their competition.

There are more homeowners that need work than there are providers willing to do it….

But let’s blame it on the competition.

That’s part of the reason we’re so excited this week.

We’ve got another couple down for training.  He and his fiancé are EXCITED about the competition.


Because they’ve seen it.  They called out several contractors in their local area and noticed a few things…

Many didn’t pick up their phones.
Many didn’t call back.
They didn’t close in the home.
They didn’t follow up afterwards.

And what does that mean?  Well, it depends on how we define competition.

If I step on to the UFC ring with Connor McGregor… can you really consider a competition?

(I’ll give you a hint… he wouldn’t)

The truth is, it’s only a competition if they have the capacity to compete…

So if you’re experiencing “the competition” and losing… in an industry that has an actual shortage of providers… it may be time to step up your game.

I know these student will.  And that’s part of the reason they’re going to achieve the same crazy levels of success as our other students.

Our system commits to excellence.

Yours should too.

Noodle on it.

Steven “Here to Win” Jordan

P.S. If you want to learn how to beat the competition… check out our youtube channel.  We’ve got some awesome tips for you.

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