Mariah Carey

This happens every single year.  You can’t escape it…

As soon as November 1st hits, it starts right back up.

What is it?

Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you.

Mariah Carey
What’s that got to do with Cabinet Startup? Keep reading

And I’m freaking pumped.

“Why’s that Steven?  Is it your favorite song?”


But it does signal the holiday season which is one of my favorite times of year.
It’s kind of funny… for some reason, people love to hate on that song.  And yet, the radio only plays music that people like.
I’m sure that there’s something there, a deep philosophical insight into the human condition, but we’re here to talk about business.
And in this business, that song means money.
It’ means it’s November first…
People are thinking about their holiday plans.  Specifically, all the people they’ll be hosting at their home.
And how badly that kitchen needs to be renovated…
And of course, they’ve been thinking about it for months.
They’ve wanted to do it, but haven’t made time.
But now, they have a reason to pull the trigger.
We’ve got all these people who previously “needed more time to think” —> and they’re going to be calling us up trying to get us to come out as quickly as possible…
People are getting ready to have company over.
The project that they’ve been “wanting to do” just officially got a deadline.
They want to “beautify” that kitchen before their family comes over.
They want to show off their gorgeous new kitchen cabinets at the upcoming “Friendsgiving.”
And I want to help them do it.
So my team is preparing for a busy next two months.
And many of them won’t get their kitchens done in time.
We’re already booked out way past Thanksgiving, but they won’t want to make this same mistake again which means we’re closing deals.
It’s one of the things I love best about this business…
People expect that we’ll be slow during the holidays, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.
We’re as busy as we want to be (which is a good problem to have as a business owner).
One more reason why I love what we do.


Steven Jordan


P.S.  If you’ve been wanting to start a business like this… and up to this point you’ve been putting it off (just like our cabinet customers do)… reach out.  Talk to Wilson, set a goal, set a deadline and lets make it happen.   Click Here to Book a Call

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