Ridiculous Opportunities

It’s no secret that I think the trades are the absolute best opportunity around right now.

If it's too good to be true - Vegas Voyagers

When I say it’s ridiculous, it’s not an understatement.  The amount of opportunity in the trades is so large and underserved that its almost overwhelming.

And people know that.  We have applicants on the phone for cabinet startup (we get usually somewhere between 50-80 a month) who tell us that’s why they’re here.

They know the trades are booming, and that the industry has really high margins, and that the competition is lacking…

However, most of them won’t have what it takes to make it to the next step.


Because they’re afraid to take the action.

They know there is a shortage, but they’re worried they won’t have enough clients.

They know the competition is under developed, but they’re worried that it won’t go right for them.

And it reminded me of a valuable lesson…

It doesn’t matter how smart, talented, charming, funny,  beautiful or charismatic you are.

You can’t play if you don’t step out on to the field.  And you can’t win if you don’t play.

Opportunity without action is meaningless.

If you’ve been onsiderin getting into the trades for a while now, go take the first step.

It doesn’t have to be with us, we just want to see you take action.


Steven “Action” Jordan

P.S. We’ve been thinking about putting a course together specifically teaching how to get prepared and set up for launching your business (without us) something we’d be releasing for free to our list.  IF we spent the time to make that, would you want access?

Reply to this post and let us know!


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