The Final Misconception


I’ve been sending this to my email list as well and I have received incredible responses and questions, it’s good to know that these topics resonate with people.

We’ve been talking about some common misconceptions in regards to business in preparation for our up and coming certification program. This certification will give you the skill you need to build a solid business around and these misconceptions are important to be able to take that step.

So far, we’ve talked about

  1. Business owners work a ton – I won’t have free time to spend with my family.  I’ll miss soccer games, foot ball games, cookouts, BBQ’s etc.
  2. I takes a special kind of person to run a business.
  3. Working for someone else is more stable.

There are bits of truth in these misconceptions, but as one of my mentors once said… the best lies are contain a grain of truth.

The last and final misconception I want to talk about is this…

#4. You have to have a big operation and teams in order to make good money.

Now, lets get back to to the truth of things… this statement is misleading because it’s too vague to mean anything.

Here’s what I mean…

When I say, “John does well, he makes good money”

What does that mean to you?

For some people, 50k a year is good money. (Our top techs make more than that).

For some people, 80k a year is good money… 100k, 200k, etc.

The point is, good money is relative. For me, I think good money is anything that can provide you a secure and stable living (with a bit left over for investing in the future).

You can see with our business model… it’s not at all crazy to be able to do 1 job per week as a one man band. And to net close to 100k per year in profits (it’s only about $8300.00 per month), is pretty incredible.  Especially in your first year.

However, in order to get there… you need to have a business plan.

So I wanted to offer you guys this free tool to help with that. Mapping out your business, what you’d need… and the steps to get there.

Click HERE for this free resource.

This takes you through basically everything you’d need to present to bank for a loan, but more importantly, if you can answer all of these questions… it should give you clarity on everything you need to have 100% confidence in yourself.

That should be your first goal.

Once you have 100% confidence in yourself, it’s much easier to win the confidence of your spouse, your customers and (potentially) your bank.

It also makes it much easier to take the skill we provide in the certification course to use😄

If you get stuck on anything in the business plan, reply to this email and I’ll help you through it.


Steven “Here to Help” Jordan


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