Train to Become a Certified Cabinet Refinisher!

We’re so happy to finally announce the dates for our training event LIVE in Orlando Florida.  We’ve decided to open up just 4 spots for this live, in person and highly personalized training. 

This training is all about learning the exact skill we’ve cultivated in our years of running a 7 figure Cabinet Shop.

This skill regularly lands us jobs that bring in between 5-7k in revenue per completed job.

We’re going to teach you every step of the process…

  • Our Supplies Lists and Recommended Brands
  • Our tools lists
  • How to Prep the Jobs
  • How to Seal the Area
  • How to properly Clean and Prime properly
  • How to Finish the Cabinet Boxes and Doors
  • Trouble Shooting & Common Mistakes

Plus, anyone that signs up before Wednesday Aug 5th will receive our estimate and bidding templates, along with an in depth sales training put together my parter Wilson.
Last, but certainly not least, one of our 4 student will win a Sprayer during training!

After years of running a 7 figure shop, and then launching over 45 shops with our students and partners… we’ve picked up a thing or two.  This certification is designed to provide you with the skill you need to build a successful business.

For those that act early, you’ll also be getting help with your sales process to help you get that fast and strong start!

And that’s what we pride ourselves on.  This same system has worked for so many of our students…

People like James – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te04ZqbnWP4

Come learn that skill that’s enabled James to quickly build a profitable business.

Can’t wait to see you in Florida

Steven “See You There” Jordan


I’ve been honored that so many of you have taken time to write me back.  Wilson and I really enjoy the responses and conversations that have been created.  Reply to this email, or use the above link to schedule a call with Wilson.  We love hearing from you.

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