How to Scale a Trades Based Business

“How do I scale my business?”

This question seems to come up a lot, and so I wanted to give you guys some insights into what I’ve learned in launching multiple 7 figure refinishing businesses.

The truth is, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it isn’t easy.

And I doubt it ever will be.

However, I would argue that easy isn’t the game.  Anyone can do easy… and if anyone can do it, it’s not exactly special.

I try to stay away from easy.

What I prefer to focus on is simple.

The old adage KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid – has worked really well for me.

So here are some of the ways you can “simplify” and order to really and truly grow your business… broken down by the key categories you should focus on.

We call our model the CADS system because it’s designed to focus on the three areas that are most important.

  1. Client Acquisition
  2. Delivery
  3. Scalable Systems/Operations

So let’s talk about the first category, how do we simplify client acquisition?

Get a CRM.  There are a ton of these out there.  The most important thing is finding the one that you can understand and commit to using.  The truth is, it’s LEGITIMATELY IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with every single customer in your head.

We have people that want to start their jobs a year from now.  We have people that want to start immediately (which is typically 3 months out for us because we’re so busy)… the point is, instead of spending all my mental bandwidth remembering when to call who and about what… I let technology manage it for me.

Focus on the marketing that yields results… and follow the numbers.  There are a ton of platforms out there where you can buy leads, put up signs, send out newsletters… the list of potential marketing options is long.

What platform you choose should be based on the return.  Lots of people spend money on marketing, but they never spend time to see what’s working and what’s not.  You need to review how many leads you got, how many turned into appointments, what % closed, and what your average return was.


Yes, I’m screaming that at you.  It’s important.  We meet so many contractors that become walking brochures.  You can be good at sales without resorting to gross high pressure tactics.   Figure out how to connect, uncover needs and cover objections.  Then turn what you’ve learned into a system.

Improving your sales ability is one of the fastest ways to increase your return on marketing.

I hope you found these valuable, in my next email.. I’m going to teach you some simple tips for improving your delivery!

Happy Monday,

Steven Jordan

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