A Guiding Principle for 7 Figure Business Owners

There is a lot to consider when starting, running or even scaling a business.  

There will always be different priorities and opportunities pulling you in different directions….

Because of this, we like to base our business on principles.

One of our key principles, something that we focus on in every business venture is this:

Under Promise, Over Deliver

Internalizing this core principle can make your life easier in so many ways…

More 5 Star Reviews
Fewer Upset Customers
More Referrals
Happier Crews

And that’s just in your business.

There are two ways in which this can happen… and communication is key.

1. Don’t promise more than makes sense.

Having aggressive timelines, saying that you’ll complete extra work (not part of the contract/agreement), promising outcomes that may not be certain… all of these things lead to upset customers and poor experiences.

It’s important that you’re incredibly clear on exactly what you’ll be doing, and what you’ll be offering.

2. Strive to regularly go above and beyond.

Do more than you have to.  Fix something extra that was small and will increase customer experience.  Throw in an added bonus to really make your work shine. 

And make sure to communicate the things that you’ve done extra, why you did them, and how it’s a benefit to the customer.

The combination of being very clear in what you agree to, and very clear on the extras you provide (when you decide to provide them…) is a great way to develop a reputation for going above and beyond.

Combine that with being the best at what you do, and you’ll find yourself in an incredible position.

That’s how we’ve developed such an amazing reputation here at Cabinet Startup.

We’re clear in what we’re going to deliver.

For example, in our certification… (we’re going to be providing everything you need to learn how to successfully refinish (without having to “test it out” on some unsuspecting customer).

In our training we’ll cover…

  • All of the proper tools
  • Recommended Paints and Materials
  • How to Prep like a professional
  • How to Spray like a professional
  • How to Install like a professional
  • Trouble shooting and common mistakes

And we’re doing this in a safe environment, where tools are provided and most importantly… you can learn under the guidance of a seasoned professional.  

We’re going above and beyond by offering a free in depth sales training to anyone that signs up before August 3rd as a bonus.  This is a win/win.  We know it will help you sell more jobs, it incentivizes people to make a decision (we don’t have many spots left), and it goes above and beyond.  

We’re also going to be giving away a free sprayer to someone at training.

Is it necessary?  No. 
Is it part of training?  No. 
Is it a way of adding value?  ABSOLUTELY.

And that’s the point.  Try this in your own business and make sure to report back.  I love hearing WINS from you. 

Steven “Above and Beyond” Jordan

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