A Trade that Doesn’t Break You

This past weekend I found out that a friend of mine had to go to the emergency room…

They were doing some home renovation work, and in a freak accident a box of tiles  broke and landed on their foot.

4 stitches (in a toe), 2 toe nails complete gone, 2 broken toes and an emergency room bill.  From what I told, she handled it like a champ.

And it really got me thinking… some people take for granted how safe their jobs are.

The truth is, when you work in the trades, there is usually more risk than the average office job.

Exterior painters have to climb 40 foot ladders to paint high walls.
Roofers – well, that’s self explanatory.  Those guys are constantly at risk of falling and getting hurt.
Electricians – Massive amounts of electricity.  Enough said.

It makes me really thankful that I’ve found a niche within the trades that really checks off my boxes.

1. Scalable
2. Recession proof
3. Not a ton of heavy lifting
4. No dangerous climbing or electricity.

The skill of cabinet refinishing really is unique.

It’s changed my life dramatically, and has done the same for many of our students.

One of the biggest reasons people have been excited about our certification is because it’s a chance for them to learn a valuable skill, where they can charge premium prices… but most importantly, they can do it with a skill set that reduces their risk of injury.

There are no cabinets on roofs.  And they’re rarely attached to the circuit breakers.

However, if you’re going to do that kind of work.  And you’re going to do it the “right way” – You need to know how. You need to know:
What are the right materials?
What are the right tools?
What is the order of operations?
How do you trouble shoot?
Which jobs are best?
Which jobs should you avoid?

And that’s what our certification is all about.  If you’re serious about learning a highly profitable skill without some of the risks normally associated with the trades…

Check out our certification. – https://learn.cabinetstartup.com/Vv8xc

You’ll learn everything you need to confidently complete a refinishing job, without having to “test it out” on a clients home.

I’m excited to see you in Florida,

Steven Jordan


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