The Path to Greatness

Greatness isn’t genetic…

Listen, a lot of people look at people who are incredibly successful.. and tend to blame it on the “it factor”

And it’s not to say that isn’t real.

I know for a fact I’ll never be as athletic as JJ Watt.
I’ll never be as attractive as Brad Pitt.

The good news is, that “it factor” doesn’t really apply to business.

Business skills aren’t a genetic trait.  Every baby is born just as clueless as the next.

What determines great business people has a few different factors.

1. Luck. Yep, I said it.  There is luck involved in finding businesses.  Bill Gates was born at the perfect time for computers.

IF it had been 20 years earlier, he may have never made it big.  I could argue that I got incredibly lucky with Cabinets, had a close friend of mine not introduced me to the industry… I never would have found this gold mine.


2. Learned behaviors.  You ever notice how military guys seem to have a ton of discipline?  A freakish amount of them.It’s because the military frequently teaches discipline

.You see the same thing in many branches of service… police, firefighters… and it’s a learned behavior.

They practice again and again, forming the routines and the strength of will to stick to them.

3. Knowledge.  You have to know what’s right and be able to implement it.  The knowledge is more important than instincts… the truth is, most of our instincts are based in surviving… not in thriving.

You have acquire the right information.  Most people fail at business because they don’t spend the time or money to learn how to do it properly…

If you’re not happy with your levels of success in business… take some time to honestly audit your situation.

you can’t control your luck.  But you can ask yourself some critical questions…

Am I applying discipline to my business?

Do I consistently do the things I know are required for greatness?

Do I have the right knowledge?

Am I taking steps to solve problems and develop solutions?

Am I finding people who have already solved these problems?

You may not like the answers… I know sometimes I don’t.  I also know that accepting answers I don’t like… lets me accept that I have the power to make the change.

It’s that old saying “the truth shall set you free”

Which means I have the power (and freedom) to pursue greatness.

And you do too.

Steven “In the pursuit of greatness” Jordan

P.S.  You don’t have to pursue greatness alone…  Every olympic athlete has a coach for a reason.  If you want some help on your journey to greatness… consider joining us in October!

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