Another Successful Graduate

Ok, well not quite yet.

He’s graduating later today, I’m just too excited to wait.

I KNOW he’s going to crush it.

Now,  I don’t believe in counting your chickens before they hatch… but… at this point, it isn’t guess work.

We’ve built over 30 six figure businesses in the last 18 months by taking students through our program.

Students from diverse backgrounds.

Painters, salesman, accountants, preachers, factory workers, truck drivers, restaurant managers… and do you know what those careers all have in common?


Except, they weren’t providing the lifestyle our students wanted.

The skill sets are all different.  However, each student brought the desire to succeed and the will to make it happen.

When you combine the hustle with a proven system, it’s amazing what can happen.

My director of enrollment, Wilson, will tell me stories about the people who ask about our program.  Guys who have been working in the trades for 15+ years who’ve never broken the 10k/month mark consistently.

Sometimes they don’t believe that our students are able to do that in under three months.

Because they’re missing the big picture.

You see, the technical skill is important.  You need to be GREAT at what you do.  Whether its cabinets or flooring, that part never changes.

But if you want a truly successful business you need more than just the technical skill.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, Noah here literally just graduated when he started with us.  And now, he’s blowing other contractors out of the water.

Watch his story here: https://learn.cabinetstartup.com/Gt7

Is he special?  Yes and no.

Yes because he was smart enough to get help.  To follow a proven system.

No, because anyone with his level of commitment and discipline (plus a proven system) can do it too.

You need client acquisition.  Consistent client acquisition.

You need operations.  Systems that work and will continue to work as you scale.

You need an ACTUAL business.

And that’s what we do.  And I couldn’t be more excited for our newest graduate to prove it again.

Happy Friday,

Steven “Counting Chickens” Jordan

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