Marrying Your Business

I’ve been away from the shop for the last 2 days, visiting beautiful Tennessee.

We’ve got some close friends of ours who are getting married, and we’re going to celebrate.

And for some people, the wedding is the highlight of the marriage.

Now, lets be clear, I know these two will be really happy… but the fact is, most marriages end in divorce.


People marry for the wrong reasons…

They marry because the person is super hot.
They marry for money.
They marry for convenience…

The list goes on.

And what’s so interesting to me about that is that starting a business in a lot of ways is like getting married.

It takes up a lot of your free time.
You get “Honey-Do” lists that are too long to ever be completed.
If it fails, you lose you all of your money.

However, when it works… it can be one of the most rewarding experiences you ever have.

And if they’re going to be an amazing experience, both businesses and marriages require planning, discipline and commitment.

All three of those things are made easier by choosing your parter (or business) wisely.

You want a partner that isn’t going to be flaky, wishy washy or emotionally unstable  = You want a business that’s going to be stable over the long haul, no fads or flavors of the week.

You want a partner that can grow with you == You need scalability in your business.

You want a partner that supports you and has your back == You need a business that can provide for you financially.

It’s funny… none of the things that make a good business, or a good partner… are based on looks.

There is an old Chinese proverb “ugly wife, happy life.”  Now, I get that’s not PC… but lets be honest, women figured this out long before men did.

Smart business owners have applied this lesson as well.

In business… some professions are seen as “cool.”

There’s just no getting around it.  Some jobs are flashy, some jobs are “highly respected,” and some jobs are “ugly.”

For better or for worse, most people think the trades are ugly…

But the trades are loyal.  Homes have been around for thousands of years, and aren’t going anywhere.

The trades are supportive.  My lead techs earn more money  with 2 months of training, than a certified CPA earns after a four year degree.

The trades are scalable… there is such a shortage of qualified tradesman that if you understand the systems, you can rapidly scale your business…

Which gives you freedom to do cool things.  For example, traveling for 5 days to go to a wedding (while still making money with your business).

So if you’re looking for a good business… I know of one, and I’d be happy to introduce you love birds.


Steven “better than yesterday” Jordan


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