Facing Your Fears

With Halloween coming up, the world is going to be doing its best to scare you…

The funny thing is, it really doesn’t  need to.  We do an incredible job of scaring ourselves.

And this is a big problem in business… one of the biggest reasons that people NEVER launch businesses is fear.

We create questions in our mind… usually based around two words, and let those questions become their own monsters.

“What if”

What if I fail?
What if it doesn’t work out?
What if I’m bad at it?
What if I don’t like it, and I wasted all that time?
What if I can’t get clients?

We create a prison for ourselves, and we stay trapped.

Like this guy.

And here is the thing….

Had he known how to do what I’m going to teach today… he may have escaped, and lived happily ever after.

And if more people knew this skill, they may have launched the business of their dreams and succeeded.

But they don’t.

Because the fear that we experience… feels real.  It confines us, when instead… we HAVE to be able to confine it.

If you don’t confine your fear to reality, it will confine you to mediocrity.

So how do we do it?

Part 1.  Answer the question

Lets look at this in terms of hiring….

So what are some of the fear questions around hiring?

a. what if I make a bad hire?
b. what if I can’t keep them busy?
c. what if they mess up a job?

So lets answer them…

a. I’d have to fire them.  I’d lose all the money I spent on training, which could be anywhere from $500-$2000 depending on how long that took.

b.  I’d have to let them go.  I’d lose all the money I spent on training them, and I’d feel like crap because I wasted their time.

c. I’d have to have someone else go fix their work.  I’d spend double on materials ($800) and I’d lose the profit from the other job ($2000).  So I’d waste $2800.  If I fire them, I’ll lose the cost of training them as well ($500-$2000)

Do you see the pattern?

The real fear is the money that you’d lose.  And through this, we’ve been able to confine that cost… I’ll lose somewhere between $500 to $4800 worse case scenario.

Now that we know the actual cost… we can move on to part 2.


This is even more important than part 1… in part we confine the fear, in part 2 we overcome it.

I’ll teach you the questions to ask in my next email.

See you then…

Steven “Confine the Fear” Jordan

P.S.  Want to launch your own business but are caught up in your fear?  Use this link to book a call with my partner Wilson.  Sometimes it’s hardest to read the label from inside the bottle…. he can help you figure out if you’re a good fit, and if so… how to overcome the fears holding you back.

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