Jumping from a Plane Overcoming Fear Pt 3

Fear is a strange mistress.

Once you confine it to reality, and ask the right questions (go back and check my last two posts if you don’t know what I’m talking about)… it doesn’t mean that it goes away.

I look at skydiving as a great example.

What if I jump and my parachute doesn’t work? I die.

So how can I make sure my parachute works?  I have a professional fold it.  I have a back up parachute.

In fact, I know that the odds of dying from skydiving are less than 1 in 100,000.  And even lower when you account for the number of those deaths that come from “extreme jumpers”

So, I know its safe.  I’m more likely to be struck by lightning than die from skydiving…

That said, when you’re in the plane.  And its time to jump…. somehow, the numbers just don’t bring that much comfort…


Because it’s unfamiliar.  You have a much greater chance of dying from a car wreck (1 in 6000) than in skydiving.

So why aren’t we afraid of driving?

Familiarity and comfort.

We drive all the time, so it feels safe.  When we’re doing new, or unfamiliar things, the discomfort and nerves can often times be misconstrued as actual danger.

So the final step in doing something scary is being able to recognize this hole in human thinking.

Because FEAR, is always going to be there.  We can confine it.  We can come up with ways to mitigate the danger.  But just like when it’s time to jump from that plane…

The FEAR will be there.

In which case we have to understand it, overcome it…. and make the decision to jump.


Because if we’ve done our research, if we’ve prepared, and we’ve taken the appropriate steps… it’s one hell of a ride.

Just like starting a business.

Think about it.

Steven Jordan.

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