The Scariest Thing that Could Happen

I lost it.
The whole business.

That was my first experience going out on my own.  I started an insurance company and the whole thing was gone.


My partner decided the money in our business would be better used to line his pockets.

It hurt.

It sucks to lose a business because of a bad partner.  It’s not a controllable thing.

However, I would argue that it sucks worse to struggle in or lose a business because of the model.  Or, lack of a model for many people.


Because it’s a controllable thing.

You see, there are three important things you need if you want to do really well in business.  (there’s probably more than three, but these are the big ones).

  1. You need an industry that makes sense.
  2. You need a system that works.
  3. You need someone capable of running a business.

Are you in a career that meets all three of those requirements?

If not, remember, that is a choice.

“A man who said he never had a chance, never took one”

Think about.

Happy Friday

Steven “Taking Chances” Jordan


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