Mission to Change the Trades

I want to cut straight to the point, we’re serious about our mission of changing the trades.   I

We’ve been progressing forward one step at a time, and I can’t thank our students enough for the work and dedication they’ve put in (and the success its brought them).

We want to help even more people get into the trades over the next two years.

We’ve had people asking about this for the last two years… and we’re about to wrap up the final touches to our certification program.

The Cabinet Refinishing space represents and AMAZING opportunity:

  • Large ticket prices
  • High Profit Margins
  • Recession Resistant
  • Limited True Competition
  • Rewarding Work

These are just a few reasons we love this industry.  Over the last 2 years we’ve helped launch over 40 successful businesses across the US built entirely around this model.

Why?  Because it gets results.  People like:
Charles – who did 30k his first month.
Noah –  running a successful business right out of college.
Carl – who’s now got multiple crews

These are just a few example of what our students have been able to create, and it’s all build around the skill of delivering a high quality finish on existing cabinets.  We know from experience that Cabinet Refinishing is one of the best models available.

I want to teach you how this works, and why it’s so profitable when done correctly.  I had Wilson create this video explaining the model in detail, that we (and all our students use) to achieve these results.

Click Here to learn more:  [Business Model Video]

There are a lot fo incredible reasons to start this business, but there are also a lot of misconceptions that hold people back.

In my next email, I’m going to teach you about 3 common misconceptions that stop people from launching their own HIGHLY profitable businesses, and how you can avoid those mistakes.

I’ll also have a few more details about the certification.

If you’re curious about how the certification can be used to launch profitable business, make sure to check out this link.

Catch you tomorrow.

Steven ” Changing the Trades” Jordan


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